Wednesday, 5 October 2011


golden reflections
memories gilded by the
healing hands of time
© Rose


  1. Such a wonderful photo of the waxing moon, that prompter of the creative mind. At times like these I wish I could fly!!

  2. Ygraine,
    Thank you. And I would too like to sit on the edge of the moon with my legs hanging down - and yes I would whistle to the wind :)

  3. Thank you Rachel :) I have been star gazing again (not that anyone would notice hehe)

  4. It's nice that we can find 'gold' in such memories but it is worth the trade in time, I wonder?

  5. Daniel,
    Over time even the most tarnished memories become gilded. I think that is how the brain processes hurtful memories they heal over time and dont seem so bad after all - that is probably why when someone dies or leaves you you remember only the good things about the person or the relationship :)


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