Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Child Minder

Ask no questions
hear no lies
over the cliff as
the crow flies
that's how it all began
her piercing eyes
unnaturally bright
animated - wild almost
in the rear view mirror
Unwinding behind us
the long dusty road
spewed billowing clouds
of red dust in our wake
which seemed to merge
with her ginger tresses
Her thin red lips
slashed across her pale face
whiter still her knuckles
gripping the steering wheel
Familiar landmarks flashed by
I counted the windmills
My stomach wobbled
I bit into my hand
children should be seen not heard
I'll snip off your tongue
and feed it to the birds
children should be seen not heard
Cry Baby
dry your tears
nobody cares
nobody hears
Cry Baby
dry your eyes
no body lives
in the skies
Cry baby
save your prayers
nobody listens
 nobody cares
I counted the danger posts
 red signs
flashed by
The cliff, the cliff
my throat hurt
she mustn't hear
me sobbing
she will be angry
I shut my eyes tight
then even tighter
until I found the white light
The strange silence
folded around me
I felt the wind on my face
I was floating 
light as a feather
Drifting into the eternal silence
until the voices awoke me
the questions
The endless questions
My answers unbelieved
The headlines 
'5 year old girl miraculously
escapes. unscathed, as car plunges
into Duivels Kloof'
The questions
that would shadow me
all my life
because no one believes
in angels
A miraculous escape
that's how it all began
                                                                          © Rose

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