Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Spider and the Moon

Time and death
are shadows,
emotional threads,
of thought
darker, emptier
than the 
they throw

A silent venom
that spins 
a web
weaving dreams
from moonbeams
that vanish
like dew
in the dawn


  1. bravo!

    Love 'dreams from moonbeams'

  2. Such a striking picture, Rose. It sent shivers down my spine.
    I have an utter terror of, yet facination with spiders - yes, I know, I am a Druid and one of our Goddesses is Ariadne!!
    Your magical skill with words completes the whole perfectly.
    A wonderfully absorbing piece, Rose :)

  3. Wonderful weaving dear! Potent venom! Let's add to "one of your best".

  4. Thank you Ygraine,
    I am also very wary of spiders they are
    just so so creepy. But I do love the way
    they weave their webs so intricately and with such patience:)

  5. Thank you Gnome,
    You are ever so kind :)

  6. Striking images and words, created beautifully and profoundly.

  7. ohhh one of your best! what a weaving ... you know, lately, I have been dreaming of spiders and was wondering what exactly is there in my sub concious! strange!

  8. Hi Moon,
    Thank you, you are too kind. Dreaming of spiders, are you are over analyzing something?

  9. The key may be to never wake up and face the dawn, death or time. Maybe the web is the cushion we need?

  10. Daniel,
    Thank you for reading:)


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