Sunday, 2 December 2012

Drawing Circles

reflections of you
float upon the still water
lightning dances in the clouds
distant thunder rolls over the hills

soon the rain will fall
stealing across the valley
to draw circles on the lake
distorting the illusion 


  1. utterly stunning, both poem and photograpy. Bravo.

  2. Please please hold back the rain. I want to hold onto this illusion forever!!
    Absolutely stunning, Rose.
    And your picture is so atmospheric. I could sit and gaze at it for hours :)

  3. Rachel,
    Thank you dear lady. That means so much to me especially coming from you :)

  4. Ygraine,
    Thank you. Yes, hold back the rain ... thank you for your lovely comment, I appreciate it:)

  5. words that make me feel so good always and forever ... pictures that lift my spirit ... hugs to you and I miss you all too .... going through one of those low mood phase of mine, my mind gets aloof and i tend to detach myself from everything ... i will be back ... thanks for being around Rose. it means a lot.

  6. Hi Moon, It is always good to see you. This is what I tell myself when I get into detachment mode 'if you can't fix it forget it and if you can't change it change your attitude towards it'. Sometimes it helps to know you don't have to fix everything:) Big hug moon, your phase will pass and you will come back refreshed and renewed:)

  7. If the illusion washes out then the circles are reality, if we can adapt.

  8. Daniel,
    illusion to reality is like a parallel universe is to us on earth and since universe would mean one of a kind we would need a lot of adapting to except either:)


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