Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Blahs...

Tell me why ... I don't like Mondays...
Mondays I feel the way I look

I should remember in future that on weekends  one should never drink on an empty head...

Shock me say something intelligent...Remember its Monday

Are those your legs? Or are you riding a chicken?


  1. The pictures are great, and I love your commentary.

  2. These well defined photo's were taken at Longleat - I presume?

  3. hey Rose they are so adorable! my spirits soar higher whenever I visit your blog :) ... work pressure, too much travelling, managing home all these are taking a lot of my time these days and alas I hardly get to be here.

    but as i said you refresh me :)

    check this out for i know you would like it and will be happy for me, Rose -

  4. Superb! The captions, delicious!

  5. A Herons View,
    Thank you, they were taken at Woburn Safari Park, Bedfordshire in the Spring of this year.

  6. Dave King,
    Thank you so much :)

  7. Moon,
    Thank you, you have made my day :D
    I do however hope that you find some joy in your travels and other duties along the way!
    Brilliant interview thanks for the link and that you enjoy reading my bloggies :) xxx

  8. Gorgeous photos - and your hilarious commentary really made me laugh!
    Brilliant post:)


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