Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Restless Wind

Tether my soul
to the restless wind
that heeds
no light
nor dark
that I may hark
the dawn of verse
as it's born
rippling through
the grass
that I may witness
the golden rays
of a sonnet
upon the wings
of a gull
and hear 
the breathless lull
of poetry
as the sun sets
on the sea


  1. I am so happy you're back, Rose.
    I have missed your beautiful and inspiring words so much!

    'Tether my soul to the restless wind'
    Why do I find that first line so stirring?
    Maybe because life can so easily bog us down and weigh so heavily on the Spirit.
    Yes, I'd LOVE to ride that restless wind - into freedom...:)

  2. What a beautiful return!
    Welcome back, dear lady.

  3. Welcome back, dear Rose.
    I've missed the beauty of your words, but worth the waiting.
    Your poem has flown very high this time carried by the restless wind...
    May all your wishes come true.
    A hug.

  4. :) I knew you had a song to sing. It only needed wind to wing.

    You've lulled me and I do not get lulled by doggerel!

  5. Ygraine,
    thank you for your kindness - yes you are right bogged down by the daily grunge and the demands of life in general. sigh:) Some people are just takers unfortunately :(

  6. Rachel,
    Thank you I don't know how you do it you are amazing :)

  7. Dulcina,
    You are too kind! Your kindness inspires me and as for my wishes - well they did come true actually. Last night I was gazing at the sky at about 11 pm (as I often do hehe) and I did indeed witness the golden rays of a sonnet upon the wings of gulls. It was quite amazing as a flock of gulls flew over they appeared to be alight with the reflection of light from below It was the most amazing sight I have ever seen. I thought it was a ufo with all the lights flying across the sky - because at that time it is more dark than light but I realised afterwards that it was gulls as their cries filled the twilight air! I can't beign to tell you how happy I was :) hugs

  8. Gnome,
    *chuckles* I guess It did need the wind to wing (very good by the way)! And of course not to be lulled into a false confidence I must say that if I had known there was indeed a name for the drivel I write I would have posted more often heheh
    You tag reader you :) Thank you Gnome :)

  9. Powerful words and image, Rose!

  10. Liz,
    Thank you - it was a very stormy sky!

  11. A soul tethered naturally, not willfully, would be the most we could hope for. Very inspired!

  12. Daniel,
    Thank you, I am happy that you were inspired :)


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