Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Huginn and Muninn

Thought takes flight
on raven's wing
to rest in nest
of twig and feather
knit and twined 
and bound together
In age old yarn
memory is buried
stacked and racked
to be lost forever
These are my two beautiful fourth generation ravens. the first juveniles of this season. I have named them Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory) (You might not see Muninn in the top right conrner of the image.)
The names I borrowed from Norse Mythology  with Odin having two Ravens one to be his eyes and  the other to be his ears. 
I have been a bit out of ink lately , you know what it's like when you wake up with words in your head so sure you will remember them but when you actually get the time to write they have flown the coop!  Well this is a bit about that and them. and me. My most favourite bit of Raven mythology must surely be the one where the Raven was white and stole the sun, moon, stars, and water and fire. The raven was seen as the bringer of light.


  1. You may have been out of ink but I think you've found some more here. It appears that your 4th gen has brought you the light.

  2. Rose, this is wonderful!
    I have always had such an affinity with Ravens, and these are so beautiful.
    How lucky you are to have them so close! Thank you so much for sharing.

    I know exactly what you mean about waking with words in your head and being unable to remember them when you finally get the chance to write. Happens to me all the time!!

  3. Rachel,
    Thank you. They are so special and they can be real clowns :D

  4. Gnome, Well not exactly because my memory isa bit like a ravens nest at the moment and no matter how I rack my brain the thoughts just won't be coaxed out :D However, the ravens have brought a spark of light to my
    dull brain:D

  5. Ygraine,
    Thank you dear lady! *chuckles* sometimes the words sound better in my head anyway and to be honest ink may just spoil it so perhaps they are better of lost in the tangle of twig and feather :D

  6. I love this post, the photos, the words and the names you give your raven friends. Thank you Rose!

  7. I very much like the flow and rhythm of this, I read it twice in my mind and the third time out aloud.

    Ravens are wonderful birds they mate for life; as well as playing a great role in Irish mythology - there is a valley between the Paps of Anu in Co.Kerry called Valley of the Raven a place that they have continually inhabited for thousands of years

  8. If this is you when you're out of ink, you're a very gifted person indeed!
    That was a fantastic piece, precise and self-contained. I had to google Huginn and Muninn, and now I have a bucketload of amazing Norse mythology to read up on, thank you.

  9. In my opinion, one of your best poems, Rose.
    I like the names you have given to the ravens. I could see Muninn up there.
    Worth the waiting, dear!
    A hug.

  10. Herons View,
    Thank you valley of the raven sounds terrific good to know some more raven
    mythology as well:)

  11. Icy Highs,
    Thank you, you are too kind. Happy to have introduced you to raven mythology - they are such interesting characters and I am a sucker for a good age old yarn :D

  12. Mystic Liz,
    Thank you, for the love of ravens :D

  13. Dulcina,
    Thank you for your kind words - hug:D

  14. Still out of ink?

    How 'bout posting just one of your pics?

    Miss ya. :(

  15. Really missing your beautiful poems Rose.
    Hope everything is ok with you :)

  16. Ygraine,
    Thanks dear lady - be back soon :)

  17. such a terrific write, Rose ... I am fascinated with this one ... by the way hope you are doing fine. :)

  18. Moon,
    Thank you dear lady - all ok :D


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