Monday, 18 July 2011

I Waited For You

i waited for you
wearing flowers in my hair
whilst love passed me by
© Rose


  1. What a lovely picture and verse.

    Thanks for visiting my Quotes and Things, today. To answer your question about where I get all my quotes, I love collecting quotes, therefore the reason for the blog. I find them everywhere, and the ones I like I post, and even ones I don't care much for.

    I do have a poetry blog, but, just a warning, I am not a poet, I just have fun with my poems. If you would like to visit it, you will find it here;

    I have one I post about insomnia also, one night when I couldn't sleep.

  2. Sorry I just noticed you visited Shadows of My Mind yesterday, Thanks.

  3. Morning glories are a fav. Nice.

  4. I found those lines to be a powerful image. I congratulate you.

  5. So sad. I felt it deep in my heart.
    Lovely :-)

  6. Thank you all for your most kind and welcome comments, appreciate it :)

  7. How very sad. Lovely piece, though.

  8. I cried for you
    tears watering the flowers
    'til again they bloomed

  9. Daniel,
    That is so good:)

  10. oh wow how could I have missed it! awesome verse ... touches the heart.


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