Saturday, 16 July 2011

Another Sleepless Night

To read the above poem by Ernest Dowson - click image to enlarge :-)

another sleepless night
the moon measures time
across an endless sky
Your barren thoughts
sow seeds of doubt
in my fertile dreams
They take root seeking
emotional fulfilment
within the confines of
fragmented frames
Forever fated to this
desolate womb
of darkness
of forsaken dreams
my sombre soul
seeks absolution
the light
the warmth
of dawn
in your cold eyes
© Rose


  1. so passionate, but what a contrast to your recent poetry!

  2. oh Rose this is a masterpiece ... unique and so different in style. It's treat for me as m coming to blog page after so many days. :)

  3. With words like these you will surely reach the heart!

    I agree with the others here, you outshine your previous works.

  4. Rachel,
    *chuckles* (too much love is not good for you). I thought it may become a little boring after a while so I threw the spanner into the works:)

  5. Celest,
    Yes, I do agree that is one of Ernest Dowsons better poems (only my opinion). I discovered him quite by accident and decided to share a post with the master himself. Welcome back!:)

  6. Gnome,
    You do know that the second poem is mine and not the first? *chuckles*
    Thank you for the compliment though:)

  7. Not detracting one iota from the poem, I would say it's time to move on!

  8. It's difficult to find the right words to describe how this poem makes me feel. Like being touched deep inside my heart :-)

  9. Might dawn also bring fear of seeing love reflected from your lover's eyes, not lying therein?

  10. Daniel,
    Indeed, such insight:)


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