Friday, 10 December 2010

The Haunting

haunting lullaby
the hand that rocks the cradle
the wind in the eaves
© Rose
This photo was taken through the window of what used to be the servants quarters of a castle in Scotland. The castle has  been turned into an hotel and is a pretty scary place to spend the night!  Enlarge the photo to see the cradle properly it sent chills down my spine!


  1. Indeed, the new structure seemed to be preserving this little piece of history although weeds were growing out of the flagstones, I didn't see the point really. We were told off for snooping around. That part of the gounds being private property. Could just have been a storeroom but all that was in there was the crib.

  2. Thanks for coming round Autumn Belle, it was really chilling but probably more mind over matter - the keeper was even more scary.


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