Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Paint the Wind

Paint the wind
with dove grey wings
so I may snare 
and cage it
before the trees
hear all the things
I told the wind
in secret

For secrets
cast long shadows
that don't melt
into the sun
and leaves
will fall
like burning
before the fall
is done

What a windy day this was for the poor dove trying to eat berries


  1. I love the poetry. Telling the wind your sectrets seems foolhardy, though!

    Super shots, too.

  2. Was a very windy here too.

    What fabulous pics!! And oh what secrets they must be that make the trees tear!!

  3. I often tell the wind my innermost dreams and desires too.
    Foolish perhaps, but there is always the unspoken hope that maybe, just maybe, it will someday carry them to their destination!!

    Stunning poem and pics Rose.
    Absolutely magical :)

  4. A very concise poem Rose and I wish that I could have caged the pair that were nesting
    to close to our bedroom :)

  5. Lovely pics, Rose; I adore doves.
    Your secrets weeping with autumn leaves, so sad; you'd better cage them before it happens, yes.
    The beginning of your poem sounds beautifully:
    Paint the wind
    with dove grey wings

    A hug.

  6. Rachel,
    Thank you dear lady:)

  7. Gnome,
    Yes the windy wind!
    Well they say if you want to speak to God speak to the wind ... :)

  8. Ygraine,
    Thank you, I don't think belief is foolish and there is nothing like shouting into the wind maybe it looks daft but it is rather therapeutic *chuckles*

  9. Herons view,
    Thank you. These are wood pigeons and lucky for me they keep to themselves mostly when not providing me with entertainment :D Country pigeons do seem a bit more civil than town pigeons:D

  10. Dulcina,
    Thank you so much you always say the nicest things, hug :)


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