Sunday, 15 July 2012


Mum and baby blackbird

'The brightest region of being' Plato

looking at the world
newly fledged

sweet baby blackbird
the birth of a melody
a full crop of worms


  1. How lovely. I've had great fun watching the fledglings here, too.

  2. Wow, great pics Rose. Thanks for sharing a part of your world.

  3. Oh Rose, that is so beautiful!
    I just want to reach out, ever so gently pick it up, and wrap it in love :)

  4. I love your 3 pics, what a cute baby bird innocently discovering the little world around him!
    The Good, yes.
    The birth of a melody.
    Thanks for sharing so much beauty, Rose.
    A hug.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Rose. The baby blackbird is adorable!

  6. Rachel,
    Thank you, they are amazing little creatures arnt they!

  7. Gnome,
    Thank you, it is my pleasure as always - thanx for reading!

  8. Ygraine,
    Thank you, I had to be very quiet but I have this habit of chuckling when I am taking photos that may sound strange but they are so so cute! one of the baby ravens has copied my laughter I was so taken aback when I first heard it I couldn't believe my ears. I thought hey that sounds like me.. and was amazed to see that it was the raven. I have a pic I will post it pity I could not video it!

  9. Dulcina,
    I would love to know what this little chap is thinking - to see everything for the first time what joy! hugs xx

  10. Liz,
    Thank you two days after this pic was taken mum and dad left him to find foods by himself as they looked on from a distance :) He is doing well!


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