Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Accept Your Destiny

young and tender
green and slender
a slip of life
in december
how atypical
how anomalous
'dree your own weird'
it is your fate
it is your destiny
live it well
 © Rose


  1. How wonderful. I've never seen it in the wild.

    Beautiful poem, too.

  2. A beautiful poem of earthly advice.

    Thanks for the labels. :)) Shoot who in December?

  3. Rachel,
    I was rather surprised at this as well - only saw it because the sun highlighted it! Thank you dear lady!

  4. Gnome,
    Hahaha!!! shoot who in december! Oh my gosh, I nearly fell off my chair laughing hahaha - you dont know how much I needed that! Thanks for that:D

  5. This is the most beautiful sight I could ever imagine, and on the Solstice night too!
    Thank you, thank you!!!

    Season's Blessings

  6. a poem filled with wisdom ... and what an amazing photo ... thanks for sharing.

  7. Ygraine,
    Thank you now it has a new meaning for me too!

  8. That's the spirit of eternal spring.
    Thanks for sharing this image and your poetic words.
    Last winter we had a red rose surviving frozen in the snow.
    Again, Merry Christmas, dear Rose.

  9. Merry Christmas and may God’s grace be with you. Make merry not just on this wonderful day but all throughout the year!! God Bless, my dear friend! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil!
    Literatura & Linguagens

  10. Beautiful Rose, both photo and poem.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. Dulcina,
    Thank you dear lady and a very blessed Christmas to you too xx

  12. Nelson,
    Muito obrigada, Feliz Natal :D

  13. Thank you Liz,
    May you have a joyous Christmas filled with peace and happiness :D

  14. Merry Christmas and season's greetings to you dearest Rose ... May you have joy and peace.

  15. Wish you a happy and successful new year dearest Rose and thanks for everything.

  16. Brilliant, a perfect little jewel.
    A great New Year to you and yours.

  17. To my tired old eyes it looks like Mistletoe
    and now I feel not so tired!

    So did you use it and pluck the berry afterwards ? :)

  18. Lovely words for a new year, Rose. A sign of the old or of the new. A sprig of green, against the skeletal arms of winter.

  19. Herons View,
    Darn! I wish I had thought of that! Oh, well, missed opportunities lie scattered like autumn leaves at my feet:D

  20. Elizabeth,
    Thank you a sign of hope perhaps or a warning that all is not well with mother nature:D

  21. Moon and Gnome!!!
    I have written so much stuff (and I call it stuff because I don't think it deserves a better reference)but it just seems so b.o.r.i.n.g! My Muse has been quite rebellious lately and no amount of sweet-talking has lured him back yet so I am left with a collection of nugatory phrases and nothingness :(


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