Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Through cosmos windows
in the unbounded expanse
in which all matter exists
or does not exist
Psyche traces
the orbital paths
of lovers
Two lost souls
on parallel planes
who may never unite
Mirrored images
not yet conceived
Psyche draws
them into dreams
depicting Love's
concentric spheres
Subliminal messages
not yet perceived
by their conscious minds
Until one day
when purely by chance
their eyes should meet

                                                                         © Rose


  1. Cupid waits.

    I like the heart shaped face. ♥


  2. Lovely pieces, Rose. What marvellous colour.

  3. Gnome,
    Thank you. Yeah, Cupid with his golden arrows hope he has got good an excellent aim :)
    I decided to leave him out of this one and just concentrate on Psyche. I had enough trouble creating her :P

  4. Rachel,
    Thank you. Just old fashioned poster paints I'm afraid.

  5. Wow! This one really blew me away. I have to confess to having tears in my eyes when I read it. Your poetry is so, so beautiful :-)

  6. Ygraine,
    Thank you for your lovely comment I appreciate your enthusiastic response it makes it all worthwhile:)

  7. oh yes ... another excellent piece of art ...

    and your beautiful comments make me feel so good but it's another issue that I am not sure if I deserve them ... but thank u for being so loving dearest Rose.

  8. Celest,
    Thank you! You are most deserving of praise dear lady embrace it! :))

  9. this pierced my now vulnerable heart, I love the hope you give at the end. Thank you.

  10. Karime,
    There is always hope :) And hearts do heal :)

  11. In a Euclidean universe parallel planes would never meet. In a closed space they will always intersect. It appears that our reality is open with distant divergent planes, so Psyche has alot of work to do. But the poem provides a way.

  12. Daniel,
    *chuckles* It is not strange then that when I wrote this piece I knew I would receive great protests from you ;)
    Poor Psyche, but I am glad it all comes together in the end :)


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