Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spinning Round and Around

Reaching the meadow
With her hand on her heart
To ease her gasping breath
She pauses a moment
To take in the view
Smiling  to herself she
Spreads out her arms
Throws back her head
And begins to twirl
Round and around
Twirling round
Whirling round
Round and around
With eyes closed
She whirls
She twirls
the wind in her hair
The meadow grass
Sweet in her nostrils
Giddy with memories
Breathlessly happy
She falls to the ground
Rolling onto her back
She watches as the
Blue sky wraps itself in
Fluffy white clouds
Her world spinning
Wildly above her
She begins to float
Aimlessly through
the last Chapter
Of her childhood
© Rose

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